How about a trip to detroit

Detroit is Michigan’s largest city, located in the northern part of the United States. For years, the city was one of the main centers of the country’s auto industry. Along with other cities in the region, such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Chicago, Detroit belongs to the so-called Rust Belt, a hub of industrial activity.

As a result, over the years Detroit has gained a reputation a sooty city in which industry rules supreme. But what if I told you that there are some things for tourists to enjoy as well?

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Tips for a trip to Detroit

A hub in the north of the country

Are you flying to the United States? If so, chances are you will land in Detroit anyway. The Detroit Metro Airport is considered one of the most important flight hubs in the United States. If the city is not necessarily your destination, but you do land there, you may also consider staying a little longer to get used to the new time zone and explore the area.

First and foremost, remember that you need an ESTA to travel to the United States. An ESTA is a digital travel document, but not an official visa. You can apply for an ESTA in no time. During the application, you should at least have a passport scan ready. You must also be able to answer some background questions about yourself and your family, but this is usually done within half an hour.

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How about a trip to Detroit?

Exploring the Detroit area

The name Detroit comes from the French détroit, meaning strait. Indeed, the city of Detroit is located on the Detroit River, which was traditionally an important trade artery for both the United States and Canada. As such, the river is still an important part of the cityscape.

So if you want to enjoy a nice view of the city, a boat ride is highly recommended. This way, you will not only see the United States, but also get to know Canada, which lies on the other bank of the river. Should you have the time, you should absolutely sail to one of the Great Lakes that surround Detroit, as Lake Erie and Lake Huron are within easy reach.

How about a trip to Detroit? - tips for a trip to Detroit

Visit the city’s renowned museums

In recent years, tourism to Detroit has increased. The city’s extraordinary architecture, as well as its wide range of museum offerings, attracts many travellers from home and abroad each year. Visit the Detroit Historical Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts or tour through the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. At the latter, you can learn about the history of the United States auto industry, which originated in Detroit.

Also be sure to visit Greenfield Village. This open-air museum is home to hundreds of historic buildings. From the Wright Brothers’ bicycle store to Thomas Edison’s laboratory. All in all you can have the best taste of early 20th -century American history here! So a visit to this city is well worth it!

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