Five Must-Have Travel Items

Regardless of whether I’m travelling to Iceland or South America, there are a few items that I absolutely cannot be without. So if you’ve got a lovely holiday booked for 2017, here are the things that I’d recommend you take with you!

Guide book

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Although there are plenty of great travel blogs out there and handy navigation apps like Google Maps, there’s nothing like having a decent guide book with you. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s suffered from running out of power on their mobile, and they’ve yet to make a battery pack that can last some of the more arduous bus journeys. So this is why picking up a decent Rough Guide book can be a real life-saver when you’re looking for a hotel, a restaurant or even a casino!


This might seem like a bit of an indulgence, but I think we can all agree that even the most mundane journey can be livened up with a little music. And that’s why I always carry a decent pair of headphones with me as I love creating a good playlist before my travels. Plus noise-cancelling headphones are very handy if you happen to be staying in an unexpectedly boisterous neighbourhood!


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And who can imagine travelling with a smartphone in the 21st century? Whether it’s using the Airbnb app to liaise with your host, showing off your photos on Instagram, or even just endlessly checking the holiday weather, smartphones are our essential travelling buddies.

DSLR camera


Although smartphone cameras are pretty good, I love taking some slightly more advanced photographs. And that’s why I always pack a decent pocket-sized camera so that I can take endless arty photos of sunsets, seashores and city life. Most modern cameras store the photos on a micro-SD card so that you can pretty much snap away without ever worrying about filling up the device.

Power adaptor

And finally, what use are these gadgets unless they’re fully charged up. And so I always try and remember to take a good multi-region power adaptor with me as there’s nothing worse than wanting to play a quick casino game and then realising that you’ve run out of juice. Most modern models can be pretty lightweight and even feature USB adaptors for an extra level of convenience too!

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