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If you aren’t aware, today is what is less affectionately known as Blue Monday. Possibly the most depressing day of the year around the world!

The day when everyone’s credit card bills from Christmas may be coming out, before they are paid,

The day when we’re all feeling a bit chubby from the Christmas/New Year binge and have already given up on any New Year fitness plans,

The day when the weather will inevitably be crap and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Oh joy!?

Well I say b**ger off blue Monday, let’s defy the stats and have a good day. Let’s smile, let’s jump in puddles and let’s do some planning for travels in 2017.

I have recently been getting more into Instagram and wow is it addictive. Serious wanderlust awaits in every photo and I currently have everywhere at the top of my travel list. To help with the wanderlust and help with your travel planning for 2017, CEWE Photoworld have put together a list of the top 10 most instagrammed places in the world to help inspire some new year travel spirit. Because let’s face it, we will NOT be broke all year, the weather WILL get better and we ARE going travelling somewhere exciting again soon.

Here are the top 10 most instagrammed landmarks around the world

1. Eiffel Tower

This one should probably be obvious, I probably took about 1000 of the 3 million photos taken here myself. Here is just one of mine.

Paris love! Eiffel Tower love! Why has it taken me 10 years to return to this beautiful city!

A photo posted by She Gets Around (@jlowthrop) on

2. Big Ben

Again I have taken lots of Big Ben photos too, I used to walk past it almost every day and still could never get bored of looking up at this magnificent clock tower.

3. Golden Gate Bridge

I have been here multiple times. I used to live in Santa Cruz, just south of San Francisco and visiting the windy city was one of my favourite places to go. I am still yet to cycle or even walk over the bridge, I have only driven over or stopped for photos. I didn’t have instagram when I last visited, but I will be sure to return so I can join the masses in instagramming this bright red bridge.

4. Burj Khalifa

Again a place I have visited and photographed, but I didn’t actually add any photos to my instagram. I think I struggled to get this huge building all in one photo. I clearly need tips from the rest of the 1.7 million people who have instagrammed it.

Once you have your photos use these Instagram Story Templates to make your photos look the best they can.

5. Notre Dame

Paris get’s in the list not once but twice, well it is a rather beautiful city. I didn’t make it to the Notre Dame last time I visited but here is another Paris instagram to show a bit more of its beauty.

Which way to the Latin Quarter? Today’s final stop before I return back to the Uk this afternoon. A photo posted by She Gets Around (@jlowthrop) on

6. Alhambra

This half palace, half fort in Spain is high on the list of Instagrammed places, getting close to 1 million photos on Insta! I haven’t been but now I am adding it to the never-ending list. Visit CEWE Photoworld’s Instagram site to learn more about it and share your own photos.

7. Machu Picchu

A place I am yet to visit and is high on my list, but here is an instagram photo from my friend Rachel

The pictures don’t even begin to capture how incredible this place is   A photo posted by Rachel Pigott (@rachelpigott85) on

8. Angkor Wat

Another one I am yet to visit but I have certainly noticed lots of photos from here popping up in my Instagram feed. Have you been? I hear it’s quite tricky to get a photo without 100 people in?!

9. Taj Mahal

A place I visited before the Instagram days. My friend Anna has just returned from her honeymoon in India and said it was incredibly overwhelming and beautiful. For me, well, dare I say I was a bit underwhelmed. I think by then I was seriously templed out and so it was almost ‘just another temple’. Perhaps if I visited again I would feel differently?

10. Acropolis

One I am yet to visit but all the photos are again making me want to. Look at this image! What an incredible sky.

So which have you instagrammed and which are you yet to visit? I know which are top of my list. CEWE Photoworld have created this brilliant website where you can get tips and inspiration for sharing these beautiful places.

It may be blue Monday, but don’t get down, the day will be over soon and we are well on our way to spring, a chocolate filled Easter and an awesome 2017! Who’s with me??

Share your favourite Instagram photos using #Instalandmarks

This post was in partnership with CEWE Photoworld, where you can make your own amazing photo books (and more) with your photos. I hope you find it useful 🙂

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  1. Well you certainly got it right about the weather, what a miserable day. However your retort is great. So to h*ll with it and just get on and enjoy being alive that’s what I say.
    Just started spanish lessons so that I can be a better tourist when I visit there again.

    Keep us thinking and acting positively Jen.



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