Top 5 Reasons to Be a Digital Nomad

All across the world, people are packing up their desks, leaving the office and embarking on a whole new career path. Working remotely, or being a digital nomad, involves using the internet as your main source of income. This can come in many forms—writing, photography, programming, etc.—but all have the same wonderful advantages.

When I first heard of this way of working, it was nothing short of a dream come true. There was no question this was what I wanted to do with my life. However, others may not be so certain, so here’s a list of my top five reasons to start your career as a digital nomad.

Enjoy Freedom

Freedom is a word that pops up often in articles and discussions about life as a digital nomad. This is because it’s the most succinct and accurate description. Choosing to work remotely opens up a whole world of possibilities and cuts the ball and chain attaching you to living in one place.

For travelers, it’s a no-brainer; so long as there’s internet access, you can go wherever you want. If there’s a specific event that tickles your fancy, it’s easy to shift around your workload so you can attend. If you find yourself getting homesick, that’s no problem either. You can pop back to visit the family without having to worry about using up valuable time off or annoying your boss.

I’d go as far as saying the digital nomad lifestyle is probably the most free you can be in our modern world of contracts, regulations and responsibilities.

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Adapt to a Changing World

The internet has transformed the world as we know it! Companies and organizations are all moving online to conduct their business, and the virtual workplace is becoming a common phenomenon. This is a reality we can’t escape, so why get left behind? TheWorld Wide Web has created a global community like never before, and now we can work internationally with teams that are thousands of miles apart. It’s a beautiful step for multiculturalism and global understanding and one that I believe should be embraced.

While some worry about the influence this constant attachment to the internet has on our lives and claim that blogging actually degrades the travelling experience, this is not necessarily true. There is a potential to get too attached to social networks and other online platforms, but if you don’t embrace the internet, what’s your other option? A week abroad once a year? I’ll take this life any day, thanks!

Further Your Understanding

The wonderful nature of the lifestyle affords you the opportunity to constantly broaden your perspective constantly. Instead of going to the same building every day,speaking to the same people and coming home to the same house, you can find yourself chatting to strangers, experiencing cultures and learning valuable lessons all over the globe!

Similarly, depending on the type of work you’re doing, there’s often a constant variety in projects, which means you’re always learning about new and interesting ideas. One day I’m writing scripts for guided meditations, the next I’m reviewing the local music scene in Thailand. The opportunities are endless.

For those with a curious nature or a lust for widening their understanding, being a digital nomad is probably the best all-inclusive education you can get. There are loads of great tech tools on the market to help support this learning process as well. Try Find a Nomad to share advice with like-minded people and ExpressVPN to bypass geo-blocks when researching in countries with stricter censorship!

Control Your Destiny

Personally, I find there’s something very empowering about working a job where the amount of effort you put in directly correlates with the rewards received. People often express worry about the financial aspect when considering going freelance, but the reality is that if you’re willing to put in the work, then the money is there to be made.

Furthermore, you get the added bonus of being able to mould your income to your lifestyle. If you want to save up for an expensive trip, then you just have to pick some extra projects. On the flip side, if you want a bit of more free time, then you can drop a few—only once completed, obviously—and relocate to somewhere with lower living costs if money is tight.

If can be difficult to get the ball rolling at first, but once you’ve developed a bit of a portfolio, then it’s easy to find jobs on freelance sites such as Upwork or create revenue of your own webpages.

Accept a Challenge

Just so no one’s under any false impressions, I’m not saying being a digital nomad doesn’t come with challenges as well—it does, and they’re hard! Time management, motivation and focus are all key skills for working remotely that have to be strictly refined. Unlike a conventional job, if you slack off, then it will be reflected in your paycheck. However, while many may see that as a drawback, it can also be an incredible life advantage.

With practice, working freelance increases your adaptability, improves your initiative and hones your work ethic. All of these abilities will not only advance your career prospective, they’ll also transform your travels and help you achieve the life of your dreams.

I’m a firm believer in throwing yourself in the deep end headfirst and learning how to swim later, and I’m sure all digital nomads will agree this lifestyle is pretty much just that!

These are just my experiences, but there are so many reasons out there for you to drop everything, get out there and start your adventure as a digital nomad. Be sure to leave a comment below if you think of a reason that has been missed!

About the Author: Isa is a mother, blogger and traveler. She’s eager to see as much of the world as she can and spends every day feeling blessed her job allows that! She’s currently getting her little ones ready for their first visit to Asia!

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