Your guide to the best beaches in Europe

Travelling anywhere in Europe from the UK is pretty easy. If you don’t like one form of travel, you can choose any of the others. You can drive, sail, take a train or fly pretty much anywhere. And there are a lot of places in Europe to visit.

If you are a traveller like me, you might think that lying on a beach is a big waste of time. You could be eating with the locals, and exploring history, culture, and interesting landscapes.

That said, an afternoon lazing on a beach with a travel book after a heavy night out in a local bar sounds pretty perfect! Here are some of the best beaches to visit in Europe:

Bridlington – Yes, it’s cold and windy most of the year. But get out there on one of the days when the sun is beating down and you will never want to leave. The beach is big and sandy, and the nearby coastline is wild and rugged, perfect for bodyboarding. There is everything in the area you could want from a quaint English seaside town too. Maybe bring a windbreaker though!

If you hate planes, you can drive here from anywhere in the UK, or hop on a touring coach. Camping or Bed and Breakfast accommodation are plentiful. You’re also in a great spot for exploring England’s coastline.

St. Tropez – The beaches here in the Bay of Pampelonne are quite incredible. This favourite French Riviera haunt provides sunbathing for celebrities and rich yacht owners.

You too can enjoy this region, and relax in the South of France sunshine that makes this place so popular. Villa accommodation is very popular here if you don’t have a yacht. Access to the area is good so hire a car and see what else you can enjoy about the south of France (Hint – it’s the wine).

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Puglia – Italy has a wealth of fabulous beaches to choose from but Puglia is one of the best. It’s a very relaxed area with some incredible eateries dotted about. Just a little way up the coast, you can enjoy something a bit more active with watersports. The water is so clear in Puglia and the beach is pristine. It will be hard to tempt anyone away.

Cantabria – In Spain, there are lots of tourists to do battle with for beach space. Cantabria seems to break that rule. Instead, you can find rugged meadows on the top of the shallow cliffs, and quiet peace to enjoy the sound of the waves.

This is definitely the best place to cure your hangover, but perhaps a little too quiet for the all-out adventurer. There’s no getting away from how beautiful this area is though, so don’t forget your camera.

Travelling Europe will never be boring as there is so much to see and do. Sometimes it is nice to have an afternoon out to rest from the excitement and to lose yourself in your own thoughts for a while. See where your treks of Europe take you this summer.

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