I was brought up camping. Camping at country fairs alongside dad’s stand, wild camping alongside woodland streams after a day’s walking, campsite camping in the Lake District, camping at the bottom of mountains… you name it I did it as a young child with my dad. As I grew older I continued to camp where I could, Duke of Edinburgh at school, camping parties with friends and weekend’s away rafting, canoeing and other outdoor adventures.

Though my days of camping are fewer now I am getting ‘older’ and like a bit of luxury in my life… they are definitely not gone forever! I hope I will still be camping when I’m old and grey, regardless of how rich I MAY be! There is something about sleeping out in the wild, with nothing but a small canvas cover over your head that is special and like nothing else.


When I was asked by Halfords to check out their Ultimate Camping Guide and talk about some of my favourite camping experiences it made me realise it was time to get my tent out of the loft and get back to nature. To inspire me and you, here are my four different camping experiences you must try.

Wild Camping

Nothing but you, your tent, maybe a friend and the wide open world. Whether it is camping in a bivvy bag, camping in the open air with nothing but your sleeping bag, or setting up your tent in a wild open space in the wilderness. You won’t find any luxuries you get at camp sites when wild camping. Peeing in the bushes and being woken by the wind or birds is the order of the day… and night.

camping food - the Lake District

Make sure you leave no trace and take everything with you that you came with and of course no camping on private land.

Festival Camping

This could be one of my favourites. It isn’t so much about being at one with nature, but about fun times with your friends, live music and partying. I went to Glastonbury three years ago and had the best time! I remember the worst part was getting to our camping spot, we had decided to go all out and take pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, so ferrying bags and boxes full of bedding, the tent, bunting (essential), alcohol, food and soo much more across many fields before we found an empty spot was somewhat stressful.

Glastonbury festival camping

However that stress was definitely worth it for living in the lap of luxury for the 5 nights we were camping at Glastonbury. We brought a large tent which meant we had space, our bunting meant we never lost our tent when stumbling home in the early hours and best of all our blow up mattress and full double duvet and pillows meant going to bed was a dream and I had some of the best night’s sleep ever!

Glastonbury festival camping

I loved Glastonbury and am tempted to try and get tickets for next year. One thing is certain you are never too old for Glastonbury.

Glastonbury festival camping

Glastonbury festival camping


My Glastonbury camping wasn’t far off glamping, however having to carry everything myself to the camp site made it not quite the glamping experience you may have elsewhere.

My friend runs a brilliant luxury camping business that is at many festivals in the UK over the summer. The Canvas Co is true glamping at it’s best! Power points, king size beds, wooden floors, hampers… you will forget you are in a tent and think you are in a luxury hotel room instead.

Great Glamping places to try in the Peak District

tipi and canoeing in the Lake District

Adventure camping

Adventure camping could mean anything… from camping in a normal camp site after a fun outdoor adventure to wild camping as part of a mountain climbing or canoeing holiday. One of my favourite adventure camping experiences was when I went canoeing around the Lakes with Wilderness Adventures.

canoeing in the Lake District
Diamonds on the water

We put all our camping gear in the canoes and set off on an adventure. Before the sun set we set up our tipis in the middle of nowhere on the side of the lake, made some of the best camping food I’ve ever tasted and enjoyed campfire stories and toasted marshmallows.

camping food

On the other hand… if you don’t feel like camping you can always try a hostel? Backpax Travel have some great options in this blog post.

So have I tempted you? Are you a happy camper? Do you prefer luxury or true wild camping? Halford’s guide has loads of tips and information for different camping styles and experiences, from what to take, to where to go. You can download the full guide to take with you on your camping adventure. 

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