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You may have noticed the blog as been somewhat quiet the last few weeks… probably because I have been here there and everywhere but on my blog.

I’ve got loads to write about, travel stories to share, tips on where to stay and what to eat and many beautiful photos to show you. I can only apologise for the brief hiatus from this little blog. Though social media might make it look like all I do is travel from one sunshine soaked country to another, I do in fact do a lot of ‘normal’ work whilst enjoying new countries and hotels.

Travelopo villa in Mallorca

I often wish this blog was my only source of income so I could give it every minute it deserves to make it the best it can be, but the truth is I like variety in my life and just travelling and blogging… as dreamy as it might sound, may become a bit tedious after a while (said no one ever?!). So to keep life interesting and my bank balance solidly above the red I do a range of other work alongside and during my travels. This ranges from social media management, to writing for other sites and delivering training in house to a range of charities, councils and small business clients. All of which I have been doing a lot of over the last few weeks… but you don’t want to hear all about that, you want to hear about the exciting travels. So here is a whistle stop tour of the last few week’s adventures.

Countries visited


I spent 5 days in Guatemala as part of a wider press trip to promote Central America. I was lucky enough to have four fun fellow bloggers on the trip that made it extra awesome. We had boat trips, visited Mayan ruins, enjoyed city tours, Guatemalan cuisine and stayed in some beautiful hotels. Guatemala was a splash of fruity colours on every wall, every door and every window. I loved it and can’t recommend it enough.

colourful walls in Guatemala


Picture perfect beaches, the friendliest of people and clear turquoise waters with the second largest barrier reef in the world. It was UnBelizeable! I spent three nights on a press trip then stayed out an extra 10 days with my friend Nick. Other than a small accident which involved a visit to a local hospital I thought Belize was brilliant and so much more than just beaches.

Placencia beach in Belize


Pollenća Mallorca, Spain

I spent a week at a gorgeous villa in Pollenca in Mallorca. I was reviewing my second villa for Travelopo and this one was even better than the first. So many gorgeous photos to share and whilst there I was set a brilliant task of creating the best pool side Spanish inspired cocktails. More on this to come.

Travelopo villa in Mallorca

Ancona, Italy

After a few days back in the UK it was time to fly off again, this time to one of my favourite countries in Europe… Italy. I visited two gorgeous modern hotels in Ancona for RoomAuction and spent three days in and around the port town of Ancona. It was fab to get back to beautiful Italy and enjoy some pasta and Prosecco. The food at the SeePort Hotel was just perfect!

Seeport hotel Ancona, Italy

Derbyshire, England

And then it was back home, to the natural wonderland I call home. In case you missed it I moved back to Derbyshire at the end of last year and haven’t looked back. Driving through rolling hills, working in the garden or greenhouse overlooking fields full of lambs and enjoying home cooked healthy British food. I couldn’t live anywhere in the world 24/7 (must keep moving), but as a place to call my base I couldn’t ask for more right now.

cocoa the dog

Best moments

  • I know I go on but the colourful walls of Guatemala. Honestly… could not get enough!
  • Placencia Beach in Belize… paradise found!
  • Gin and Tonics by the pool in Mallorca… could life get any better?
  • The Seeport Hotel in Ancona… absolutely loved it.
  • Open Gardens in my village back home, playing croquet (aren’t I so British) and eating lots of cake with my family.

Placencia beach in Belize

Worst moments

  • Spraining my ankle when zip lining and spending three days unable to do anything but hop from my room to the pool. Thank goodness there was a pool in hopping distance… can’t complain really!
  • Leaving Italy and not knowing where I was going next (well other than back home to Derbyshire)… I now know though so all is right with the world.

Ancona, Italy

So what’s next?

Well after a couple of weeks of catching up on work back in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire it is time to get back on the road again. Lots planned for the next few weeks, here is a snapshot…

  • VIP seats at the Aegon WTA Quarter Finals on Friday.
  • Dining on the Silver Wind while it is docked in Tower Gateway on Sunday
  • Catching up with blogger buddies and non blogger buddies for drinks on Sunday afternoon. Anyone want to join? 🙂
  • More drinking and eating at a Traverse event on Tuesday … are you sensing a theme here?
  • MY BIRTHDAY – whoop whoop
  • VOTING – possibly more important than my birthday. If you are a UK resident then make sure you are voting on June 23rd.
  • An exciting trip abroad… details still to be confirmed
  • An even more exciting trip abroad… to IBIZA! I had always planned to go before I turned 30, but sadly missed that boat so decided you are as young as you feel so I am off with friends to party like I’m in my 20s. It will be my first *actual* holiday of the year, so can’t wait to kick back and maybe not take any photos or post anything on social media… though I probably will!
  • Weddings… two of them.
  • A family holiday down south to stay in a gorgeous house on the coast in Sussex. Looking forward to hanging out with mummy and Timmy and sisters for a few days.

So that takes me up to about mid July and the thought of all of this both excites me and makes me feel a little bit tired. Alongside all of the above I will be working for various non blogging clients AND I have an exciting blogging surprise coming soon with LOTS of prizes to be won. So watch this space for more details coming soon.

Placencia beach in Belize

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