Chatsworth Christmas Market: Everything you need to know!

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas market time! And what better market to visit than Chatsworth Christmas Market. It really is a beautiful Christmassy place to visit, with music, amazing stalls and delicious food. Not to mention to incredible setting next to Chatsworth House. 

If you’re looking for a Christmas market to visit in or near Derbyshire, then I promise you, Chatsworth Christmas Market is the one to visit. 

There are over 100 different Christmas stalls over almost 3 weeks, you are sure to be able to find lots of Christmas presents, or treats for yourself. My friend Lucie and I came away with a beautiful homemade draft excluder each and started off our shopping for family presents. 

I wanted to share with you everything you might need to know about Chatsworth Christmas Market and answer all the questions you have, so here goes…

Chatsworth Christmas Market, Derbyshire

Looking for Chatsworth Country Fair instead? <- I’ve got everything you need to know for this year’s event.

Everything you need to know about Chatsworth Christmas Market. 

When and where is Chatsworth Christmas Market on?

This year the Christmas Market is on from 5th to 23rd November, that’s over two and a half weeks of Christmas vibes.

There are some stalls that change half way through, so my friend Lucie and I are thinking of going back in a week’s time to see the second round of stalls. Some stay the same for the full time.

The market is at Chatsworth House, right next to the house. It is on the way up the stables, by the usual parking if you know Chatsworth.

Chatsworth Christmas Market, all you need to know.  Derbyshire
Chatsworth Christmas Market, Derbyshire

How much does it cost?

The market is FREE! and you don’t need to book. However, parking is not free, it costs £15 on a weekday and £25 at weekends (£10 and £15 if it’s after 3pm) and should be pre-booked. You can also chance it and pay on the day, but they recommend booking in advance.

Where can I park?

You can park on site, for £15, as above. Some of the parking is quite far from the market, but they put on a small train to take you from your car to the entrance to the Christmas market.

However if you fancy a stroll you could park in nearby Baslow and walk over. Get there early though, as the small carpark in Baslow fills up fast too. We managed to find a quiet street a bit further away and enjoyed the walk over.

I have a guide for walks around Chatsworth and one is the walk from Baslow to Chatsworth, so check that out for the route.

If you love Chatsworth Christmas Market you might also like Haddon Hall’s Christmas Market.

Is the Christmas Market dog friendly?

A big fat YES! Chatsworth and the Christmas Market are super dog friendly. There were so many dogs at the market, including my Peak District Cookie.

The only place dogs aren’t allowed is in the main shop or the house. Though Chatsworth’s main shop is amazing, there was a big queue to get in and there was more than enough to see at the stalls anyway.

Is there any food at the market?

Yes, there are many different food options available at the market. There are a lot more options than when I went two years ago. I was spoilt for choice and could have happily just spent all day there working my around all the food options. Crepes, Churros, Gyros, bacon baps, Cornish pasties, Chatsworth’s famous pork cobs and so much more.

My favourite was the stall where you could buy giant marshmallows and toast them yourself on the big open fire pit.

There’s plenty of drink options too, from hot chocolate to mulled wine and mulled cider.

There are also lots of stalls selling food treats too, from chutneys to gins, cheese and cookies. You certainly won’t go hungry.

Chatsworth Christmas Market, Derbyshire
Chatsworth Christmas Market, Derbyshire

So is Chatsworth Christmas Market really worth visiting?

I would say definitely. If you love a Christmas market and are ready to get into the spirit of the season then it is definitely worth a visit. Chatsworth tends to be a cut above and have successfully created a quality market to suit all ages and tastes.

Many of the stalls are local suppliers and handmade crafts meaning you can easily get unique and thoughtful presents for family and friends. Some stalls were having difficulties taking credit/debit card payments, so take plenty of cash if you’re going on a shopping spree. There are cash machines on site, but like for most things, there will likely be a queue.

Jen and Cookie at Chatsworth Christmas Market

If you can’t make the Christmas market there are lots of other ways to enjoy Christmas at Chatsworth this year.

Have you visited Chatsworth Christmas Market? or have you got another favourite market?

Chatsworth Christmas Market

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  1. Super blog, it certainly looks inviting and worthwhile.
    I just knew food and the odd drink would be mentioned !!!

    1. of course there is food Ken 🙂 It wouldn’t be my blog if it didn’t get a little mention. hehe!

      More posts with added food coming soon… 🙂

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